Ghosting Atlanta

In 2016, I was the finalist for FIELD EXPERIMENT 2016.  Finalists were selected from 77 applications received from 32 cities, 16 states, and 5 countries including Thailand, Chile, Norway, Canada & USA.  I was commissioned to publicly present my concept, Ghosting Atlanta, a site-specific series of interactive public video and audio installations triangulating history, the body, and the landscape through song, dance, and visual spectacle.

Ghost Subwoofer:  Concept for piece in which subwoofers, installed in an abandoned building, play the bass lines of the City’s musical history–articulating the musical ghosts residing underneath rapid gentrification.

Operating as a massive multimedia séance to allow history to bleed though the architecture and haunt public space, the pieces that make up “Ghosting Atlanta” unsettle our assumptions about the streets and spaces we take for granted. The series invites Atlanta to experience the diverse histories that make the city what it is today.