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Artist in Residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation in Charlotte, NC.

A Brief History of Mutual Criticism” with Maura Brewer / The LA Review of Books / January 2020

How to Fall in Love in A Brothel“, collaborative installation with Ellen Sebastian Chang and Sunhui Chang / Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA / November 2-December 21 2019

EnTanGled (His/Hers/Theirs), Interactive Evenings Of Film, Stories, Dance, And Corn Tea, part of “How to Fall in Love in A Brothel” installation, at Catharine Clark Gallery, November 15, 17, 21 and 23. TICKETS HERE.

“Fictive Matriarchies” / The LA Review of Books Print Quarterly, No. 22 “Occult” Issue / April 2019

“Ritual for Mass Suicide” / Workshop Performance at Pieter PASD / April 2019

Kompromat: Or, Revelations from the Unpublished Portions of Andrea Manafort’s Hacked Texts” / The LA Review of Books / February 18, 2019

Radical Presence (Inefficiency, Hysteria, Exorcism) / Workshop at Pieter PASD / March 2019