The Plague Archives

The Plague Archives explores extraordinary stories from the vast human history of plagues, epidemics, and outbreaks, showing ways we have — and haven’t — been here before.

In time-traveling across the world and human history, I create experimental lecture-demonstration performances and videos that reveal, in ways both entertaining and mind-blowing, how in extreme circumstances of mass illness, people have negotiated their fear and suffering; their political, economic, and spiritual realities; their class and racial bigotries.

Stories include the Dancing Manias of the Middle Ages, the Plague Roots of Apartheid, Louis Pasteur and Sheep, and “The Great Dying”: a smallpox outbreak resulting from the Spanish Conquest killed an estimated 90% of the Indigenous population.

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Audio excerpt from the Dancing Plagues.

From “Dancing Plagues” Lecture Demonstration, performed on October 7, 2021 at 2220Arts, presented by The Public School LA.