2018 Performances

Looping Swans

A performance created in conversation with Regina Mamou’s video installation “Looping Swans” for LAND (Nomadic Division)’s FrameRate, this performance creates and enacts a durational performance score that does not hide the toil of physicality. Inspired by descriptions of the “disappeared” labor in Stalin’s gulags and Stalin’s concomitant love of public displays of synchronized action (parades, complex human pyramids, ballet), Gurantz focuses on the tensions of the body at work.

Mazdaznan Lecture Demonstration

Mazdaznan, a turn of the 20th Century proto-yogic breath and sun-worshipping cult founded by the wiley and possibly insane con man Otto Hanish. Created for The Future Can Only Be Told in Reverse, a group show of responsive works inspired by The Imaginary 20th Century by the marvelous Margo Bistis and Norman Klein, curated by Jane Mulfinger.