The Living Newspaper Project

The Living Newspaper Project (2001), New York, NY

I created the Living Newspaper Project in collaboration with Jen Mitas, a series of cabaret-style performances based on the events of the day, staged in downtown local bars and other non-traditional locations.

We predicted the coming second war in Iraq, juxtaposing the damage done to soldiers from the first Gulf War and Giuliani’s mosquito spraying campaign (both of which used the same chemicals for the eradication of alien elements) against the 20th century history of Western involvement in the Gulf.  Our Funeral for the Dot Com Industry, staged in Josh Harris’ loft where his art party Quiet had occurred only the year before, marked the crash and in many ways performed a template for the boom and bust cycles that have marked our economic reality since then.

Out of this project, I taught Living Newspaper as a part of a series of workshops co-sponsored at USC by Norma Bowles of Fringe Benefits and the Center for the Theater of the Oppressed in Los Angeles; and for UCSD undergraduates in Professor Jorge Huerta’s political theater practicum.