Deipnophoroi, a sequence of short two-channel videos, explores how mothers prepare their children for the unutterable, translating into contemporary language
and anxieties an ancient Greek ritual in which women re-enacted comforting their children with stories as they send them to a certain, horrible death.

Each of the videos in this series represents a preparation: for death, enslavement, rape, being eaten by monsters; each was created as a mini- collaboration between myself and another performing artist, dancer, choreographer or actor who is also a mother.

As such, the project—which is ongoing— begins to create a taxonomy of maternal language and strategies, well beyond normalized and toothless cliches of motherhood.

The first eight videos for Deipnophoroi were developed as an Artist-in-Residence project at the Grand Central Art Center with the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, where it is currently on exhibition until February 2018.