1 Day 1 Box

A collaborative project with Antoinette LaFarge

Every story matters, but not every story gets told.  

Sitting in libraries, small museums, historical societies, and similar institutions throughout the United States are archives holding the personal papers of people whose achievements are no longer well known. 1 Day 1 Box is a project encouraging Citizen Researchers to dive into archives, to recover into public awareness the lives of people forgotten by history; and to encourage alternate approaches to exploring the archive: spontaneous, improvisational, playful, adventurous.

We began with the desire to expand on Antoinette LaFarge’s ongoing efforts to recover into public awareness the lives of women and people of color from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. Since 2013, she has written over 200 biographical Wikipedia entries of scientists, artists, performers, activists, and writers who achieved their success despite the strong hindrances of sexism and racism. With the generous support of the UC Humanities Research Initiative, we invited artists, journalists and academics to take short dives into various archives and share what they found about the process.

Finding and publishing even fragments of these forgotten witnesses to history helps us gain a new perspective, one that provides a more honest, compelling, and inclusive account of our collective past.  The more we know these stories, the better we can know ourselves. 

We have shown our work at the national 2018 Society of American Archives’ Conference and the 2019 SLSA Conference. Follow us (@1day1box) on Instagram.