For My Enemies

A project in video, live performance and installation, “For My Enemies” interrogates the fantasy of the Male Genius, to both undermine and, as a female artist, to occupy it. I’m exposing the anxieties inherent in the myth of the male genius: anxieties that I am both biologically excluded from, but also inevitably shaped by. In these “little thefts,” I steal language, performance sequences, fantasies and visual elements from male artists, cult leaders and politicians, famous and lesser-known. My videos in this series (“Three Little Thefts”, 2011) have shown both at the UAG and at workspace gallery in Los Angeles and I was invited by Movement Research to perform the next set of “little thefts” at their Residency Series at Judson Church in New York (2011).

“Three Little Thefts” (2011)

For My Enemies: Portrait of MW (2009)

Little Thefts, in-process work performed at Movement Research at Judson Church Residency series. (2011)